© Jeff Kennel

© Jeff Kennel

Dirk Claus is a senior communication officer at the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt. He is a former photo editor for DIE ZEIT in Hamburg and Asia photo correspondent for stern magazine in Hong Kong and Bangkok. Prior to this, he set up and run the photo department of stern.de and he is founder and curator of asiajournalist.com - an online magazine created with the objective of promoting and showcasing media stories and news related to Asia.

As a regular visitor at international photo-festivals such as Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan, World Press Photo, Angkor Wat Festival, Singapore Photo Festival, Pingyao, Yangon Photo, Chobi Mela and many more, he reviews photo and video portfolios and acts as a jury member for international awards.

Dirk Claus has extensive experience in researching and sourcing photography and multimedia and maintains a big network of photographers, videographers, agencies and other photo-related professionals around the world with a focus on Asia. He is passionate about photojournalism and the new possibilities, internet and digitalization offers in terms of digital storytelling and multimedia communication.

Dirk is open for new challenges as a senior photo and multimedia editor, lecturer and consultant to individuals, companies and NGO`s looking for a greater understanding of the photography and multimedia business.